Monday, November 18, 2013

Muscle Mondays

For todays Muscle Monday we have Kaiden Rowe from Sweet Peril VS Patch from Silence . I had a hard time trying to pick which one could be my pick for today because they both are awesome BUT my pick for today would be .........PATCH.

Reasons why?
1.) He is incredibly HOT!!
2.) I love the bad boy edge that he has and plus he is an Angel
3.) That over the top smirk that he has when he calls Nora by her nickname. He could literally get away with murder.
4.)He doesn't stop at anything to have Nora (he gave up one thing just to protect and be with her). I'm not trying to give away spoilers here in case someone has not read it.
5.)Perfect Boyfriend Material!!! :)))))))

Be sure to comment and link back so I can see who you picked!