Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Book Review: Citizen by Natasha R. House

Disclaimer: I was sent this book by request of the author in exchange for an honest review.

Unfeeling eyes stare at Lend as he’s forced up against a metal contraption. A smile curls on the face of a blue skinned, bat-winged creature that towers above him. Blue electricity is pressed crudely to his face, and a voice slithers from the throat of the other worldly being. “There’s nowhere to run, human.”

Lend, wrenched away from his home in the wild loses everything in one eternal moment. Not only have these creatures, who call themselves Citizens, steal his world, now his freedom. Forced into the back of a speedcar the aliens take him to a warehouse. Ill fed, terrified humans huddle in the darkness waiting to be purchased by a Citizen. Losing all identity except the name human Lend fights to regain the freedom he, and his race have lost.

Purchased by the daughter of the most powerful Citizen on the planet Lend finds his world churning. The female Citizen shows him a new side of the alien race who he believed was incapable of love or trust. Jealousy rages in her relationship with her future mate, and Lend runs from the killer inamorato. With the threat of being burned alive, Lend collides straight into a force beyond his control. Does he have what it takes to become a savior? Or will he be enslaved at the hands of the powerful beings who corrupted our world.

I enjoyed reading this book. Natasha introduced us to a future earth that is inhabited by aliens that are called Citizens. The humans that are on earth have lost all freedom and are slaves. Two things that really stood out for me was the introduction and how the story is told from different point of views.
To me, the introduction is setting of the story. I liked the fact that it got right to the point and it engaged you in the moment. You felt what the character was feeling. The emotions that was playing through increased your interest to continue reading the story. So cudos for that!

The story is told from different POV through out the book. It is good that we get to see the story from other characters. 

 Lend who is the human slave of Lilia (the Citizen). He was captured from the "Wild" as the Citizens say and brought to the city to become a slave for them. At the beginning we see the struggle that he has to adapt to his role as being a slave to a Citizen (who wouldn't). I was able to feel and understand his anger towards Lilia. I really liked this character as I continued reading.

Lila is Lend's master. She is the daughter of Jeol which is the most powerful Citizen and owned Human Co which is the place where the humans were kept until a Citizen purchased them. Lila had this constant struggle with what is right and obeying the laws. To me, she is the type of person that would try to please everyone except herself and not follow her heart. I loved how her character was able to see beyond what was right in front of her.

Morthane is Lila's brother and he owns Human Co. He is the first Character that we are introduced to. He is unhappy with his life and it shows. Into the story my heart went out to him because just like his sister he is going through that constant battle of what is right and obeying the laws. 

Jodge is Lila's inamorato (boyfriend) and he is just a big jerk. He despises humans and treats them like dogs which is what they actually call them. ughhh!

Overall I enjoyed reading this book although I did feel that the ending was rushed but it still was great.Thanks to the author Natasha House for letting me read and review this for her.  

Rating :4 Stars
Will I recommend this?Yes