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$10 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!!

Good morning everyone!!

I'm having a $10 giveaway on my second blog called "Behind The Spine". I started another blog to serve as my New Adult and Adult book reviews. 

If you would go ahead and check it out and follow. Click the link to enter

Book Spotlight: Atlantis: On the Shores of Forever (bk1) by Jennifer McKeithen

I am so happy for Jennifer on her debut book. She was one of my first friends that I gained when I started working in the public library at the age of 16. Atlantis: On the Shores of Forever is the first book in her Atlantis Series. I'm so proud of your girl!!!!                    

Summary: A princess seeking to balance duty and her tempestuous heart... A wanderer searching for a purpose... A soldier destined for glory... A doomed civilization.
The princess of an exiled kingdom, Gwenwhyfar's marriage was decided at birth. Enter Marcus Duilius, a career soldier with an eye for beauty. Although drawn to his fatal charms, she knows this son of a Roman naval hero will never allow a woman to stand in the way of his ambition. With her husband's untimely death, she discovers a freedom she never imagined possible.
Ready to make her own destiny, Gwenwhyfar finds she must put aside her desires once more and reforge ties with the mighty Atlantis. Mysterious ships have arrived from the east, …

Behind the Spine. New Adult and Adult Blog!

Good Morning everyone!!

I have started a new blog called "Behind The Spine". It is for New Adult books and Adult books. I wanted to separate the books from this blog and have this one specifically for Y.A. books.  I would appreciate if you guys would check it out and give me a follow!

Here is the link

Thanks a bunchies