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Borrow-A-Thon Round two Challenges!

I had so much fun participating in borrow-a-thon last year and I'm excited to participate again. Before I show you my tbr I will give you the list of challenges.

This is a week long challenge that encourages you to utilize your library. I work in a library so I am always using one but this makes it more fun.

March 19th 12:00AM-March 26th 11:59PM

Try before you buyA Graphic NovelTry a new-to-you authorA book recommended to youA book with your favorite color on the coverA book that involves a library in some way
My borrow-a-thon tbr in the order of the challenge Carve the Mark by Veronica RothFun Home by Alison BechdelTo Catch a Killer by Sheryl ScarboroughRule by Jay CrownoverInk and Bone (The Great Library) by Rachel Caine When you pick out your TBR use the hastag #Borrow-A-Thon on twitter or your social media platforms.

The Urban vs Epic Fantasy Week

This post is what I am excited for. If you love fantasy this is for you but which side of the fantasy spectrum are you on? I am definently #TeamUrban but I do love a good epic as well.

This is for all of you guys to stand together with your sides and unite as one. There are some great Urban Fantasy and Epic Fantasy books coming out this year and I can't wait to devour those.

Here is the schedule for this week.

Urban Fantasy vs Epic Fantasy Schedule: 

Wednesday Mar. 1st:Bloggers post a feature with authors who ascribe to #TeamUrbanThursday, Mar. 2nd:Bloggers post a feature with authors on #TeamEpicFriday, Mar. 3rd:Bloggers and authors can write / share related posts, including: why they’re Team Urban or Team Epic, their Top 5/10 Fave Urban or Epic Fantasy Reads, and/or the Top 5 Reasons They Loved _____ (an urban or epic fantasy read)
For more info head over to Entangle Teen to check it out. There is also a cool giveaway going on too. 
Which team are you on?
#TeamUrbanFantasy or #Te…