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Book Review: Blinded by the Light by Joe Kipling

(I was sent the free book by the author in exchange for an honest review)

Goodreads Summary: In the near future, when the world's population has been decimated by disease, the fortunate few live inside the Boundary, while the unlucky ones are left to die on the Outside. MaryAnn is one of the privileged. It doesn't matter that her friends can sometimes be cruel or that the boy she likes just threw up on her shoes, it's all about being noticed at the right parties. But it takes a single event to rip her life apart.

Struggling with physical and psychological scars, MaryAnn must face up to the truth about the foundations of the Neighbourhood and the legacy of her family. Once she learns the truth she can never go back, but can she really put her faith in the Union?

"Blinded by the Light" is about death and coming to terms with loss, the abuse of power, discrimination and the fear of the unknown. It is the first book in The Union Trilogy.

This dystopian young adult fiction book set in the near future critiques aspects of society such as a preoccupation with celebrity, materialism and privilege. It shows that in real life good and evil are never clear cut and we all have to decide what it means to 'do the right thing'. Told from the point of view of a girl from a privileged background, it follows the course of MaryAnn's awakening as she learns the truth about her life and the lies she has been told by her family and by her government, leading her to question everything she believes in. But whilst things may seem black or white to some, MaryAnn learns that there are grey areas too - nothing is as clear cut as it might seem. In real life people are not always good or bad, sometimes they just are.


In blinded by the light, we see MaryAnn as the daughter of a very influential legislator. The story's setting is surrounded by society living in safe neighborhoods after a virus had broken out and is separated into the Alphas who were your rich and powerful. The Deltas typically in today's world were your middle class working for the Alphas and the Echos who were on the outside and considered Ferals. 

We have the Union which is made up of Echos and Deltas. They are the rebellions of the group. They had most of everything that they loved or own taken away from them. Having had enough of the abasement, they band together to take down all of those withing the Light. 

Throughout the story we see how MaryAnn had to transition from having everything to having it all taken away from her. Everything that she has known was nothing but a huge lie. She has face the truth and make some hard choices. 

I started to warm to MaryAnn's character towards the middle of the story. At first she was very spoiled and got everything that she wanted. Later on, I could understand her rebellion against the Union because her whole life she has been brainwashed into thinking one thing when it has been nothing but a lie. We do see towards the end how much she has matured to a certain point is more accepting of things. 

Daryl is MaryAnn's brother. Once he found out what was really happening he ran away from the life that he knew. He was gone for four years and had not had any direct contact with MaryAnn. While he was gone, he made sure that she was protected. Daryl and MaryAnn's relation is strained at sometime but they do love one another very much. I do wish that I could have seen more one on one time with Daryl and MaryAnn's relationship. 

Finally we have Peter. He is Daryl's best friend and MaryAnn's pain in the butt and vise versa LOL. Whenever they are not bickering at each other, Peter treats her like his own family and risks his life to protect her. 

Although I did enjoy the climax I felt that it could have been more action with it but it was just enough to get you ready for the next book in the trilogy. 

Overall I did enjoy reading this book and I can't wait to read the next in the trilogy.

Rating 4Stars
Recommend? Yes

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Promo Post: Just Like A Musical by Milena Veen Book Tour (Feb. 17th-21st)

Just Like a Musical
Release Date: 12/15/13

Summary from Goodreads:
Seventeen-year-old Ruby Fields has always lived by the rules set up by her foolishly overprotective mother. As a result, she doesn't go to school, she's never been kissed, and almost everything she knows about life is what she has learned from old movies.

But there's this Joshua guy. He's quirky, and he's tall, and he uses “romantic” and “old-fashioned” in the same sentence.

And there's Mrs. Wheeler, an eccentric retired Hollywood costume designer and Ruby's new best friend.

When Mrs. Wheeler ends up in hospital, just after telling Ruby her long-kept secret, Ruby decides to break her mother's rules and embark on a journey that will change her life forever.

Buy Links:

Just Like a Musical Excerpt
Sometimes my life turns into a musical. The outside world just fades away, and the song starts playing in my head, sad and beautiful at the same time, and I sing along, and I dance inwardly until my inner feet start burning with pain. Oh, how I dance with those gentlemen in dark suits and girls in pink dresses with ponytails and bright eyes! The beginning of this secret musical usually follows the sound of my life cracking down. And it always happens while I’m walking down the dark street.
Someone grabbed my shoulder and the music stopped.
“I’m so sorry,” Joshua said, pressing my head against his chest.
“It’s okay, really. It’s my fault; I shouldn’t have mentioned your sister.”
“Of course it’s not your fault,” he said, still holding me tightly. “I would like to talk to you about her, but I just don’t think I’m ready yet.”
I leaned my head against his shoulder. He kissed my hair. The night was green, the town looked like a post-apocalyptic movie scene, and his skin smelled of oranges. The lamp post turned off, trembled for a second or two like a child when he tries to shake off a bad dream, and then turned on again. A white cat ran across the street, her tail bristled.
 “I want to do all the wrong things,” I said, raising my head from Joshua’s shoulder.
“Like what?”
I spread my arms out to the sky.
“I want to smoke, and drink, and scream, and eat ice cream until I throw up, and rob a bank, and run away to Canada…”
“How long can you go like this?” he laughed.
“I’m not sure about the bank, but I think I can help you with other things,” he said. “Wait here, I’ll be back in ten minutes.”

About the Author
Milena Veen was born in Belgrade, Serbia. Her first piece of writing, a poem about a walking cherry, saw the light of the day when she was seven. She's been writing ever since.

Milena graduated from University of Belgrade with a degree in psychology. She lives in a little European town with her husband and a mute cat. When she's not writing, she spends her time reading, riding her bicycle, and listening to music. She prefers clouds to sunshine and coffee to tea. 

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Weekly Giveaway

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Cover Reveal : The Glow by Helen Whapshott







SYNOPSIS: What would you do if you saw a ghost? Would you ignore it hoping it would fade away, or would you go up to it and see if it needed your help?

When Thirteen year old Megan Webb discovers she has been gifted with The Glow, so called because it gives off a light, like a candle in a dimly lit room attracting ghosts, spirits, and others who belong to the supernatural and paranormal world, she has to learn to come to terms with seeing the world in a whole new way. 
And if this wasn’t enough to deal with during the delicate years between childhood and adolescence, her parents makes the shocking decision to move her away from everything and everyone she knows to live in a creepy hotel inherited by a late aunt.

But it isn’t just the hotel that is creepy, the whole town seems a little odd until she makes friends with a strange boy, a Witch, and a chain-smoking spirit guide who help her adjust. Life couldn’t get any more complicated … could it?

AVAILABLE FORMATS: e-Book on and and Paperback available from and (It will be available for other retailers after October 2014)

REVIEW COPIES: We are delighted to offer free PDF review copies or paperback review copies under certain circumstances

INTERVIEWS and BLOG APPEARANCES: Helen is delighted to participate in interviews, spotlights and giveaways. Please contact the author directly at Helen Whapshott

BIOGRAPHY: Helen was born in Aldershot in the year of 1980. She survived the infant, junior and senior schools of Cove. Helen started her working life in a bakery before deciding catering wasn’t really for her that she wanted to work in the care industry.

After attending Farnborough College of Technology, where she did her diploma in nursery nursing she took on a variety of roles that included being a Nursery Nurse, a Special Needs Teaching assistant, a support worker for people with special need and a care assistant in a nursing home.

She’s worked as a Health Care Assistant at a local hospital for eight years and also works as a bank carer at a children’s hospice in surrey.

She has five wonderful nephews, a lovely niece, two very understanding parents and extremely patient brother and sister.

Helen has always loved stories, ever since her Mum used to read Hans Christian Anderson and Roald Dahl to her at bedtime.  When she learnt to read by herself she couldn’t get enough of books becoming a big fan of authors such as Arthur Conan Doyle’s, Sherlock Holmes stories, as well as Neil Gaiman and Ben Aaronovitch.

 With a love of reading came a love of creative writing. She recalls how her first hit was, “How The Kangaroo Got It’s Hop, at infant school when I was six, but I missed out on seeing my classmate’s enjoyment because I was off several weeks with the mumps; when I got back the hype had died down. A disappointment I’ve never really gotten over! Being able to share my creations this time and is a dream come true.”

Please contact either

Helen Whapshott at


Kitty Rackham at