Monday, July 25, 2016

Discussion Post #3 When did you find your love for reading?

I have been an avid reader for a good while but I did not start out as one. In fact, I hated reading. I never gave it a chance and as I said in the previous discussion post anytime I am forced to read something it just makes me want to not read it even more.

I was about 13 and I remember one of my best friends was reading Harry Potter and I asked her why was she reading it. She looked at me like I had grown an eye in the middle of my forehead. In reality all I was seeing was the length of the book. At the time, I was very intimidated by how long a book was. Fast forward a couple of years I went to a library program and they were showing Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets. Long story short....I loved the movie. The librarian told me if I loved the movie I would most definitely love the book. I checked them out and I totally understood why my best friend loved them. They were simply amazing and I so desperately wanted my letter to come in the mail.

I went into a reading slump because I wanted something that was just as good as Harry Potter. So my reading endeavors ended. When I was 15 going on 16 I had some personal issues going on and I needed a way for "escape" I picked up The Princess Diaries and again I fell in love with an awesome series. When I turned 16 I stared working for my public library and I befriended the teen librarian there. She introduced to me new genres and authors and different worlds that I knew I had to be apart of. Now I am a Y.A. librarian and I love being one. I get to introduce the same worlds to people just as I was. I found out that I love paranormal and fantasy especially paranormal romance. They were my outlets and I couldn't have found a better one.

I always say reading is like a train of indefinite possibilities. Even if you read for five minutes those five minutes are introductions to worlds of imagination.

When did you discover that you loved reading? Have you always been an avid reader? I would love to hear your stories.