Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Book Review: The Elite by Kiera Cass

Goodreads Summary: The Selection began with thirty-five girls.
Now with the group narrowed down to the six Elite, the competition to win Prince Maxon's heart is fiercer than ever—and America is still struggling to decide where her heart truly lies. Is it with Maxon, who could make her life a fairy tale? Or with her first love, Aspen?

America is desperate for more time. But the rest of the Elite know exactly what they want—and America's chance to choose is about to slip away.

My feelings for this series is definitely not what I had hoped for. It is not bad at all but it is just not my cup of tea. Now we have only six girls that are the Elites. Time is quickly dying down and there is only a matter of time when there is only one girl standing.  The conflict between the southerners and northerners is still rising high and the future basically lies with Maxon. A few spoilers are in this review. I hardly ever write reviews with spoilers but for the sake of an honest review I need to put them in it. 

I did not like America in this book at all. I tried to understand how she feels with Aspen showing up in her life once she made a decision to let those feelings go and move on with her life and maybe her feelings for Maxon. But the more I kept reading I wanted to throw the book because to me she was so inconsiderate about Maxon and Aspen. I know she has a lot going on but some of the decisions that she made was just reckless and crazy. She was more mature in the first one than this one.  
There was one part when she stumbled upon Celeste kissing Maxon and she basically had a fit. She wanted to break of everything with Maxon and wanted to go home. While I was reading that part I was saying to myself...did she just not forget that she was all over Aspen just a few chapters earlier? She would get jealous of Maxon being with other girls but at the same time she still has not told Maxon about Aspen nor has she been completely honest with him in the first place. She was basically playing with each boys heart saying that she needed time. Giving false hope is not cute America...its not.

Maxon is probably the only character that I feel sorry for. He knows what he wants and he lets it be known pretty clearly. I want him happy and sitting here waiting for someone that doesn't give him the same consideration is not for him. In this book I was rooting for Kriss. He also has other duties that he has to be concerned with and dealing with his awful father is a pain. I truly felt sorry and I want what is best for him. The whole situation with Marlee and Carter was hurtful but he did what he felt was best. I honestly knew that he had another alternative he would have done it hands down. He would do anything for America. He just needed her trust and for her to understand.

Aspen is really seeing the mistake that he made and I can commend him for going for what he knew he lost but I did understand why he pushed America in the first place. I just know that he really was not expecting her to be chosen. I don't really know what more to say about Aspen. 

Even though this is not a series to my particular liking it still is ok. I guess my reading taste have changed since I first picked up the first book in the series when it came out. Well, that is enough rambling.....on to the next book.

Rating 3 Stars