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My top 5 Horror/Thriller Book and Movie Recommendations

October is here and is almost gone and it is one of my favorite months. It starts with Halloween, which I love, and is a starter for the upcoming holidays. I know the month is almost over but if you are looking for some recommended reads for the month to get you into the "Halloween spirit" or if you already are in the spirit it could get you even more ready for it. I will also give you my Top 5 movie recommendations as well.

"And The Trees Crept In" is a book that I read back in September. This is mostly a mystery and a physiological thriller. At the beginning you automatically knew something was strange and the writing kept pulling you into this dark world. It was weird but a good weird. It is about two sisters that leave their abusive home to live with their Aunt. Thinking that their life would better things take an unexpected turn and events start to happen that no matter how the sisters try to ignore what is going on they can't. Does the trees seem to creep closer? Why can no one go into or out of the woods?
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I'm pretty sure a lot of you guys may have read this but this is one of my favorites that I have read this year. It was dark and inviting. The world building was great and I really enjoyed reading it. I really like the monsters as well.
There is the Sunai which can take your souls by being musically inclined. The Malachi which are the vampire type monsters and the Corsai are the most savages ones. They live by mostly their own rules. I liked how the city is divided into two halves with the monsters on one half and the humans on the other. If you haven't read it and you this is up your ally then I think you would like this.
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This one is my one of my favorites! I loved the Everneath triliogy. This is a modern retelling of the Hades and Persephone with a couple of twist in it. Nikki is vanished in the spring and got sucked into the underworld known as Everneath. She returns to her old life and tries to make ammends during the six months before she has to go back...forever. I read this long before I started blogging but I couldn't add this.
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I have read this but have yet to write a review. This has the flapper atmosphere setting in New York. Demons/Ghost and Seances. I think this is a perfect read for sitting in your cozy spot drinking your favorite coffee or tea while reading this.
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Again, this is another one that I have read long before I started to blog but I loved it. Cas comes from a long line of ghost hunters. He travels cross country to kill the dead. He searches for the ghost called Anna dressed in blood. She has been living in her old Victorian home ever since her brutal murder and she massacre anyone who why does she spare Cas?
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Here are some of my favorite movies/Tv shows to watch during this time as well.

I think this one is on mostly a lot of people list. I love this movie and it is tradition that it is watched.

The Addams family has always been a love of mines. Even though they are weird on so many levels I can't help but love the odd, gothic, and strange family.

Who can't love a Tim Burton film? I like this one more than The Nightmare before Christmas but they are both good.

I am currently watching the 11th season. I can't get enough of Sam and Dean. This is my favorite tv show hands down. I think I might be a bit obsessed.

I have yet to watch season three but I am going to take my time. I binged watched season 2 all in two days. I need to take my time watching it and enjoy instead of rushing through it. This is a spin off series from the Vampire Diaries.

These are just a few of my favorites. Obviously there is more but I don't want this post to be super long. I hope some of you guys have read and/or watch some of these movies and tv shows as well. Leave some of your recommendations as well. I would love to check them out.


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