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Turning Grace by J.Q. Davis Blog Tour

Turning Grace (The Turning Series #1)
by J.Q. Davis
Genre: YA Horror/Sci-fi
Release Date: June 10th 2014

Summary from Goodreads:

**Medal Winner of the 2014 New Apple Book Awards in the E-Book Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Category** 
Life or death? 
It all seems to be the same for Grace… 
Some of us have been there before -- falling for the hot, popular jock who just so happens to be dating the hot, popular girl in school. 
Your snarky-but-always-right bestie insists you make a move, but you’re not so much into putting yourself out there. 
Then it happens, and suddenly you find yourself eating a cat on your neighbor’s porch. 
No? Never happened to you? 
Well, Grace Watkins can’t say the same. Her hunger is growing with each day that passes and her urges are getting harder to control. 
No one can explain why her body is changing, except one man.

My heart began to race as I stroked the soft, warm object that was now at the level of my waist. Whatever it was, it seemed to be in a parallel position. I took in a deep whiff from point to point, hearing my stomach howl at me to begin my feast.
I rubbed my hand slowly against the object, allowing the warmth to seep through my cool fingertips. I brought my nose down, inhaling one more large breath before I finally opened my mouth wide and sunk my teeth in.
Tepid liquid quickly began to pool around my lips. I sucked it up and bit down deeper, making my way through the layers. With each one, I dug deeper with my teeth, gnawing through…eagerly awaiting the moment I tasted what I was yearning for.
But before I could make it there, I heard a screech and the object began to move.
It was moving. It was trying to get away from me.
It couldn’t. It was mine.
I held it down, using all of my strength, as I searched around with my free hand in the darkness. I felt something. Soft, feathery... almost like a pillow. I grabbed it and quickly laid it over the source of where the moans were coming from. The object tried to push my arms away but I fought it. I had to protect what was mine.
I pressed down hard using both my hands. The object continued to try to maneuver its way out of my hold, but I used every ounce of force I had to keep it still.
Then finally, it stopped. I left the pillow where it was and searched for the spot I was working on. I found it and slowly entered my finger inside of what I had already started. Using my nails, I began to tear. I opened wider, using my other hand to scoop out what I was looking for this whole time. And with the first taste, my mind flew off to a faraway land. A land that was familiar to me, but so foreign. A place that I had only dreamed of.
Each taste, each mouthful awakened a part of me that I had never known. The sweet and bitter tenderness of every chew sent my body into a whirlwind. 

Buy Links:

There is a merchandise shop for the series called, The Turning Shop.

The Turning Shop

About the Author
J.Q. Davis is from New Orleans, Louisiana. She and her husband, an active duty Marine, have no children but consider their pooches, Lucy and Bella, their daughters. 
When she was little girl, she aspired to become a writer. But then one day, she learned about zombies...and now she wants to be a zombie.

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