Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Bad Boys of Romance Reading Challenge 2016

Another challenge that I am excited about is the Bad Boys of Romance Challenge. Romances are one of my favorite genres to read especially PNR. This challenge will be great for me and I'm going to push myself to level three.  Again, I know I'm late with starting off on the challenges but I can't wait to start this one. I've already read some but the ones that I update will be since starting the challenge.

Level One – 5-9 books – Capturing the Bad BoyLevel Two – 10-15 books – Engaged to the Bad BoyLevel Three – 15 books or more – Taking the Bad Boy to the Alter

* The minimum goal is 5 books.
* The books have to feature a bad boy hero:
Rock stars, MC members, streetfighters, assassins, mafia, loners, geeks, etc. 

* Only romance series are accepted. Any sub-genre of romance accepted.
* Sign up ends December 31, 2016.

I will keep you guys updated with monthly post and stats. Good Luck everyone!!