Sunday, January 1, 2017

January Reading/Blog Goals

This year I promised myself that I would be more consistent with with my blog and stepping out of my comfort zone. I want to branch out more in the blogging community and also on the booktube community. I have a couple of goals that I want to stick to and I have another huge announcement that I have working on for the past couple of weeks. I will talk about that in just a few.

Goal #1 More TAGs. 
I love watch tags on youtube and reading them on others blogs. There are so much fun and it is an easy way to make blogger friends.

Goal # 2 Participate in READ-A-Thons
I did my first read-a-thon in September on the blog Wishful Endings. It was two weeks which was better for me at the time than one week. I had so much fun participating in the challenges. I also joined the goodreads group and twitter discussion. That was my first time doing that and I look forward to doing more.

Goal # 3 Have set Posts Dates
This is something that I have to play around with to see what days work best. Most blogger/vloggers do the MWF and that seems good. But there are some times when I am in reading slumps or blog slumps and I am at a lost on what to post. I want to incorporate new things than just the monthly wrap up and TBRs.

Goal # 4 Read 100 books for 2017
With this goal it always changes. The most I can get to is around 60. This past year I felt like I was in more reading slumps than books that I have read and I hate that. I want to complete this goal and maybe do a little more. I admire the bloggers/vloggers that read 200 plus. To me, thats like freaking Jedi powers.

Goal # 5 Booktube
I did not know that booktube (youtube) existed until I was looking up book reviews for work. I have binged watch so many videos and I have a favorites miles and miles high. I have a channel but I'm doing some work on it first. This is something that I have wanted to do for a long time.

This also brings me into my announcement. I have been working with an awesome booktuber, Julie from Pages and Pens, and Lauren who is my co-worker. We are going to be doing a monthly live show called Java and the Librarians. It will be a full in depth book discussion on the book that we choose for that particular month. We also have a twitter so you guys and tweet us your thoughts, opinions, and questions. I'm so excited to be doing this. Like I said, I want to come out of my comfort zone and this is step one.

Java and the Librarians
Ep 1: Throne of Glass by Sara J. Maas
1/21/17 @3:00pm CST 
Twitter #java&librarians
The show link and Julie's YouTube is on the picture

What are your goals for the new year?

Happy New Year! I pray you all have a great prosperous year!!