Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Discussion Post #4 Mood Readers?

I am a big mood reader. The book that may be hot right now for some may not be for me simply because I am a huge mood reader. Now, my guilty pleasure is paranormal and paranormal romance. I am always in a mood for that because those types of genres have always been my escape. But for some reason I can't get on the bandwagon when it comes to certain book types because they may not be what I am looking for at the moment.

As of right now I am in the mood for middle grade fiction and high fantasy. I hardly ever read middle grade fiction so that is way out of my comfort zone. I don't even know how I got in that mood anyway. High fiction has always been the type of books that I stay away from because they have always just intimidated me.

Reading has always been my escape. I find that if I am in a bad or kind of depressing mood I go more towards paranormal, dark, and inviting type books. Books that are way from reality because obviously I want to get away from whatever it is that I'm going through. Whenever I'm in a fairly good mood I go towards New Adult contemporary. I guess I can relate more to it because of the age range and the situations that the characters go through with life and relationships in general.

Whenever I'm looking to be inspired I tend to go to biographies or nonfiction. The chances of me reading nonfiction are 1 out of 10. That might be sad because there are some really good nonfiction books out there.

The changes of the moods could give someone a whiplash as well. One minute I may want science fiction and the next I may want a really sappy lovey dovey romance. Its crazy. But I can't help it LOL.

Are any of you guys mood readers? What type of genres do you tend to go to according to your moods?