Monday, May 9, 2016

Hello, my name is Ericka and I have a huge Podcast Addiction.....

Podcast anyone????

I know I may be late with getting down with pod casting but I literally can't go anywhere without my phone and listen to some really great shows. When I first tried it an employee recommended to me that I should try it.  I don't know if it was because I didn't know how to find what I was looking for but I quickly dropped the idea of listening to them. 

Because of my job (Young Adult Librarian) I have to order books for the Y.A. collection. I stumbled across a book review podcast for Young Adult readers which was called The Split. Let me tell you...I fell in love with listening to Ryan Cohan (author of Ted Saves the World series) and Robert Scanlon (author of the Dreamer Chronicles).  I binge listened to all of their episodes and even the books that I had second thoughts on made its way to my read shelf to TBR pile. On their show they review Y.A. books then they each take a reader's perspective and a writer's perspective. It is a really great show and even though I was sad to hear that it is no longer active I still find my self going back and re listening to some of the episodes

Another podcast addiction that I am having at the moment is Adventures in Y.A. These ladies are fantastic!! They Kristen and Sarah do a really good job on the show. One of my favorite episodes was We Love Y.A. They mentioned some really great points on why Adults read Y.A. I am turning 26 next month and Y.A. is my automatic go to genre not just because it is my job. 

A podcast that has just started is by another blogger that I follow and that is called Please Feed My Bookworm by Cassi @ My Thoughts Literally and Brittany from Please Feed my Bookworm Thoughts. This is a newer podcast and they are doing really great on the show. I recommend you guys check it out.

One great thing about Podcast is because it makes my day go by a lot faster. If I'm sitting at my desk doing some work or reading my shelves (librarian jargon) it makes everything a lot better and passes the time. 

The app that I use is Podcast Addiction but their are tons of others out there to try from.

If some of you guys like to listen to podcast and know of any good ones please let me know. These were just a few that I listen to. I have a ton more on my phone. I feel like it is a netflix addiction because I binge listen whenever I find a good one and feel like my life is over when I'm done.