Saturday, May 9, 2015

Book Review: Dealing with Devils (bk2) by Pembroke Sinclair

(I was sent this free ebook in exchange for an honest review)
Goodreads summary: Dating a demon has its advantages, like helping deliver souls to Hell. Wait...what? 

Katie’s world has been turned upside down. She's fallen for Josh—despite the fact that he’s a demon from Hell. Wes is finally out of her system and her life. Convinced she can change Josh, she sets out to make him a better person, only to find out things aren’t as simple as she’d originally thought. For one thing, Josh has Katie help him deliver souls to Hell, and she kind of likes it. And to top it off, other more powerful demons are battling for her soul, and revelations from the past could change the course of her life forever.

This is book two of the Road to Salvation series and it was a great follow up. I can honestly say I like Katie a bit more in this one than I did the first one.  I could see her character growing more in this one and she was more open and understanding.

Katie falls for Josh and she is convinced that she can change him and make him a better person. Of course, there are some things that are better left alone and it is not as simple as she thought it would be. She has gotten over Wes is out of the picture as far as Katie is concerned. We also get to learn more about Josh and someone else *non spoiler*. There was a bit more info that I thought was really neat *non spoiler*.  There is a lot that I really want to fan girl about but I'm not for the sake of not spoiling it.

The plot for this one really kept me turning the page and I felt more in tuned with this story than I did the first one. Great job with this story.

Rating 4stars
Recommend? Yes