Friday, March 27, 2015

Book Review: The Appeal of Evil by Pemrose Sinclair

( I received this free ebook in exchange for an honest review)
Goodread summary: Katie wants to invest her heart and soul in love, but she may lose both to Hell. 

Katie, a senior in high school, is torn between loving the "good" guy, her childhood friend Wes who makes promises he doesn't keep and abandons her when she needs him the most, and the "bad" guy, the new kid at school Josh who is also a real demon from Hell. Katie wants someone who pays attention to her and puts her first, but what is she willing to give up to find him?

The story opens with Katie who is a senior in high school. She has always held a crush on a childhood friend named Wes but he constantly breaks her heart over and over. When she finally thinks she has officially given him up she is always thrown back into his charm. It took me a while to connect with Katie. She was irritating to me especially at the beginning of the story.  When she tries to convince her mother that Wes and his father are not what it seems over and over again and is constantly in disbelief of the truth it was a bit frustrating. Going into the story that faded away and I enjoyed the character.  

Josh who is the popular kid at school starts to notice Katie and starts to spend time with her. Wes shows his disapproval of how close she is getting with Josh and tells her to leave him alone. Katie only brush it off and assume it is jealousy and the only reason why Wes would be concern .  Things aren't what they seem between the two boys. 

Katie's world is thrown upside down and what she thought was real and the truth is totally the opposite.

I loved the plot of the story. Ever since I read The Collector by Victoria Scott I have been into the demon type books. I enjoyed reading this story and I look forward to reading more by this author. 

Rating 4Stars
Recommend? Yes