Thursday, November 20, 2014

Help Needed!! Young Adult Librarians and Fellow Bloggers

If most of you don't know I am a Young Adult Librarian and I'm getting ready for Summer Reading 2015. I know that is early but for an event that is big like SRP I have to start early. For those of you that don't know what SRP is or what goes on during that time, it is programs being held for children all the way up to adults. Everyone is being accommodated :).  We all have a kick off and through out the whole summer we have programs and activities for everyone base on the theme for that summer.

For SRP 2015 the theme for Young Adults is Unmask. Everyone has the theme of Superheros it is just broken down.  

I am currently at a dead end. I would like some ideas or feedback from you guys about different program ideas that I could have at the library. It doesn't necessarily have to be "superhero" because unmask can go with a lot of other things. Here are some of the programs that I have come up with so far: 

1.) Unmasking my Identity.
         *Each teen pull a characteristic from an envelope and tell everyone how that particular characteristic defines their identity. Its simple and in a nutshell

2.) Kryptonite rock candy ans show Man of Steel Movie

3.) Mission Blast
        *Put messages inside some balloons. Keep the balloons in the air while music is playing. Once the music stop playing call a name from the sign in sheet. The teen that was called has to bust the balloon and do what ever action that is on the message.

4.)  Scavenger Hunt
        *Hide Kryptonite through out the library and the teen with the most within the time frame wins. 

5.)  Super Hero Parachute Cord Bracelets or Key Chain

6.) Iron Man glow in the dark shirts

7.) DIY Mjolnir (Thor's Hammer)

Those are just a few that I am playing around with but any feedback or ideas would greatly be appreciated.