Friday, July 4, 2014

Book Review: Shattered Veil by Tracy Banghart

(I received this free ebook by the author in exchange for an honest review.)

Goodreads Summary: When everything that defines you is stripped away, who do you become?

War has invaded Atalanta’s quiet villages and lush woodlands, igniting whispered worries in its glittering capitol. Far from the front lines, 18-year-old Aris Haan, a talented wingjet flyer, has little cause for concern. Until her beloved Calix is thrust into the fray, and a stranger makes her an impossible offer: the chance to join a secret army of women embedded within the all-male military.

Aris’s choice to follow Calix to war will do more than put her in physical danger; it will make her question everything she believes about herself. When she and her enigmatic commander uncover a deadly conspiracy, her expert flying may be the only hope for her dominion’s survival…and her own.

It’s Mulan meets Battlestar Galactica, with a heroine who is strong enough to save a nation…but only if she’s willing to sacrifice everything, even the one promise she swore she’d never break.


Aris had everything that she wanted planned out for her life. She had the love her life who is Calix, that she was going to be promised to. They each were going to have certain jobs with in the small city of Lux. Things start to turn when she meets a man named Tress and he unveils to her some truths about the Selection and the war that is upon them. After Calix is chosen to military, Aris world is changed and torn upside down. 

Science fiction is not my favorite genre to read and when I do get my hands on one it means that I really enjoyed reading it. That being said, I loved reading Shattered Veil. Now at first it did start out a little slow and it took a minute for the story to pick up but i pushed through it and I'm glad that I did. 

Aris or aka Aristos, is the main character. Her character is the epitome of a young girl wanting to have whatever she wants and does not put alot of thought into how to  she will do it. It was a bit nerve racking at first but that means that some point she will grow. Flying is what she loves to do any chance that she gets. Its her moment of freedom and she is the best at it also. 

There is also another story line going on that have Galena, Ward of Ruslana. I did enjoy reading about that but not as much as i enjoyed reading about Aris. Still, it was pretty good. 

I love a story with character growth and that is exactly what happened. Things are not as always as they seem and sometimes what we really want may not be what we need. All of the characters were well thought out and developed. The plot was written really well.

Recomend? Yes
Rating 4Stars