Thursday, March 13, 2014

Book Review: Evertrue by Brodi Ashton

Goodread Synopsis: Now that Nikki has rescued Jack, all she wants is to be with him and graduate high school. But Cole tricked Nikki into feeding off him, and she’s begun the process of turning into an Everliving herself... which means she must feed on a Forfeit soon — or die.

Terrified for her survival, Nikki and Jack begin a desperate attempt to reverse the process using any means possible. Even Cole, who they expected to fight them at every turn, has become an unlikely ally — but how long can it last? Nikki needs to feed on Cole to survive, Cole needs Nikki to gain the throne in the Everneath, Jack needs Nikki because she is everything to him — and together, they must travel back to the Underworld to undo Nikki’s fate and make her mortal once more. But Cole isn’t the only one with plans for Nikki: the Queen has not forgotten Nikki’s treachery, and she wants her destroyed for good. Will Nikki be forced to spend eternity in the Underworld, or does she have what it takes to bring down the Everneath once and for all?

In this stunning conclusion to the Everneath trilogy, Brodi Ashton evokes the resiliency of the human spirit and the indomitable power of true love.


Evertrue picks up right after the events at the end of Everbound. I don't want to talk about the end of Everbound and give away spoilers just in case some of you may not have read the series. 

This is one of my favorite series! I love how everything is traced back to Greek Mythology and how the story of Persephone and Hades is used as a  background for this series. Evertrue is the finial installment of the the Everneath trilogy and although this was not my favorite one in the series this book still touched my heart and broke it at the same time. 

I finally get to see Nikki and Jacks relationship throughout the story. We only caught glimpses of it during the first and second installments. Although Jack isn't my favorite I still love him. He loves Nikki despite her "condition" (not giving away spoilers) and will fight with and for her to the very end. He lost her one time and it will be a cold day in hell if he will lose her again. Jack stood by Nikki and not one time did he regret anything.

Nikki is on a mission and she must survive in order to fulfill that mission. She needs Cole now than ever. The one thing that she must do in order to survive she has sworn to never do. There were some very difficult decisions that she had to make. She had Jack with her but at the end of the day it would always be about her. It seemed like no matter what she choice something would always have to give. I did feel sorry for her father and brother. They aren't in this one as much as they were in the previous books. 

Cole is my favorite character throughout the whole series. I always have a spot for the bad guys. The actions he took on was caused by something that deeply touched him. Something that he never thought he could feel and that was love. Of course he felt love for his band and he was protective of them but what he felt for Nikki was beyond anything he could want. What originally started out as using her to overthrow the Queen of the Everneath and to rule it ended with just wanting her to love him. Cole touched my heart and at the same time it broke for him.

Nikki's and Jacks relationship was very different from Nikki' relationship with Cole. She did love Jack. He was her boyfriend and best friend. To me, Cole was more of her other half and somewhere inside her she loved him.  Even though the ending events occurred, Nikki will always have an empty spot in her heart for Cole. 

Rating- 5Stars
Recommend? Yes