Saturday, December 14, 2013

Book Review: Conditions by Greg Schroeder

 (I was given this free book by the author in exchange for an honest review)
Synopsis: A diverse collection exploring Nature and Humans and the borders of their interactions. Some serious, some funny, some thought provoking, some to simply enjoy. Accented by stunning photographs of everyday natural items - flowers, trees, clouds, water.

Conditions is the first book in a three part set of poetry books by Greg Schroeder. They all were beautifully written and the writing style of this author takes you to that one moment where you are carefree and have nothing to worry about.While I was reading I pictured myself in a nice open field with the wind blowing and enjoying the nice fresh air.

In Conditions I loved the way the author connected nature and family together. Conditions is broken down into three parts. Natural Conditions, Human Conditions, and Mixed Conditions. In Natural Conditions it deals with nature. In the Natural Conditions part I loved the poem Creek. I love the summer and reading that just took me all the way back to summer by the creek enjoying family and relaxing. Like I said the writing style of this author is amazing. 

The Second Part which is Human Conditions the two poems that really brought a smile to my face were To My Children and To My Siblings. To My Children is coming from a parents point of view. It talks about how the parent does their best to raise their child(ren). The parent is teaching to be humble and enjoy the simple things and be passionate about life. I love that. I am not a parent but that is something that I want to teach my child. 

To My Siblings was probably the most beautiful poem that he wrote throughout the book. You can see just how much family is important and staying together. Even though one may not be here in the flesh you still have the memories and that is the best part. 

In Mixed Conditions I  liked the first poem which is called Damn Birds. It was funny and very much true!

Overall I enjoyed reading these poems so much! They are very calming and the writing calming also. A lot of heart was put into these poems.

*Order of the books*

Rating 4 StARS

Would I recommend?  YES