Friday, January 10, 2014

Book Review: Adorned by Georgeann Swiger

(I received this free ebook from the author in exchange for an honest review)
Goodreads summary: When seventeen-year-old Anya finds out she’s actually an angel being trained to protect humanity, she discovers that becoming an angel has nothing to do with wings and haloes. For Anya, becoming an angel has to do with death—her death.
Micah, the angelic soldier ordered to protect her until she transitions from human to angel, promises her death will be a glorious experience as long as she follows his rules. But getting Anya through this life and to the next isn’t as simple as Micah expects. His job becomes even more difficult after he unwittingly performs a miracle that exposes Anya’s hidden angelic light.
With her secret out, Hell’s legions begin targeting her. Unfortunately, Hell’s minions are the least of Micah’s worries. He’s more concerned about the forbidden human emotions he’s developed toward Anya. Even more troubling, is she seems to love him too. And giving in to those feelings, could mean dire consequences for them both.

I enjoyed reading Adorned. I read it in one sitting.  The idea was very original on the idea that the angels start out as humans and once they die they become full angels. 

Anya is seventeen and she finds out that she is an angel being trained to protect humanity. She won't fully become an angel until she dies. At first I didn't really care for her because at the beginning she whined and was a bit childish. Her character really had to grow on me. Throughout reading the story I could see that she grew up some.

Micah is the angelic soldier that is ordered to protect Anya and believe me, he goes through great lengths to protect her. He goes from telling her what to eat and who to hang out with. Basically if Micah could not be wherever Anya was then Anya didn't go. I felt he could have let up just a little but I understood why he did what he did once I was done reading. 

Eli is my book best friend!! I loved his energy and his spunk. *snaps fingers in a z shape*. He was probably my overall favorite character in the book. I know I would never have a bored moment ever hanging around Eli. He was the glue that kept the group together. 

Simon and Celeste are the "adults" in the group. Celeste watch and protect Anya while she was growing up. She was her mother figure. Simon was like the parent for the angels


When I got to the end I was just smiling away and was in my "awe, that is so sweet moment" and then I got slapped in the face! I need to second book. I needed the second book like yesterday!!

Rating 4Stars

Would I recommend? Yes